Kazōku Modular Sectional Set

Kazōku Modular Sectional Set

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Introducing Kazoku: Your Versatile Haven of Comfort

Experience the epitome of flexibility and style with our Kazoku sofa—a true chameleon in the world of seating. Crafted with precision and inspired by Japanese aesthetics, Kazoku seamlessly transforms to meet your every need, ensuring a perfect blend of versatility and sophistication.

Kazōku isn't just a sofa; it's a dynamic living space companion. Effortlessly adapt your seating arrangement to the occasion. The pieces can be easily rearranged in a 4 Seater, a left or right facing Sectional, a Sofa and matching Arm Chair Set and more. 

2 Seater Section: 173.5*84*73 cm 
Corner Section: 85*84*73 Cm 
Single Seat Section: 84*84*73 cm

Colour: Light Beige

Comes with 4 back pillows.


We work with our team of designers in Japan to create minimalist affordable sofas. Our Japanese designed sofa collection is made mainly from solid eucalyptus wood. The filling is high density foam, making the products more on the firmer side. This is to ensure the sofa keeps shape over time and helps support a healthy posture. 

Please keep in mind that colours may vary depending on screen resolutions of mobile and stationary devices. The colour description provided is an approximation. As colour is a personal experience and can vary based on fabric and texture, and room lighting!